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Responsibilities include:

  1. Assist drivers in preparing truck in morning.
  2. Brace truck load to prevent shifting.
  3. Tie loads down in truck.
  4. Ensure proper gear is loaded onto truck.
  5. Be polite and courteous with the customer.
  6. Assist driver with moving heavy items, packing and loading truck.
  7. Ask driver for instructions if unsure on responsibilities.
  8. Pick up loose debris from job site.
  9. Put doors on crates or warehouse boxes.
  10. Load gear, tie down pad piles, straighten out truck, and prepare truck to leave at the end of the job.
  11. Put cardboard away at shop.
  12. Pick up and throw away banding and trash at shop.
  13. Put away any extra gear on truck in the warehouse.
  14. Assist driver when they are backing up their truck.
  15. Experience in moving and storage a plus.
  16. Must have clean background record.

If you possess a strong work ethic and enjoy providing high-quality customer service, and are looking to utilize those qualities while working with a team, we encourage you to apply to our available positions by e-mailing your resume to .

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