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Coronavirus Office Rightsizing

A post-COVID world means a lot of businesses are rethinking the way their spaces are laid out, whether they’re retail companies, healthcare institutions or anything in between. Everyone from individuals to massive multimillionaire companies adapting to the times.

In the new age of social distancing, things are changing in the traditional ways of collaborating within an office setting or simply going out to shop. The professional office movers at Mountain Moving & Storage can help.

We have moved thousands of companies throughout the Tacoma, WA area, and we are in tune with what the business community needs, including new safety procedures.

We’ve been keeping ourselves updated on how other companies are handling the pandemic and want to impart some of that knowledge in the form of reorganizing your space.

Office Movers Ready to Help

Almost everyone is working from home, but that won’t always be the case. Around the nation, there are particular states that have their own plans to slowly reopen.

In the meantime, Mountain Moving & Storage can help you prepare for your grand reopening by helping you design a plan for your office space or retail shop that allows for both collaboration and distancing.

We’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open, always paying attention to state, local and federal guidelines so that we’re always ensuring the most recent protocols and procedures are followed.

Following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, local health departments recommendations to employers include:

  • Keep employees at least an arms-length apart from each other.
  • Even if you’re in the same office, try to use video/virtual conferences to keep a safe distance between.
  • If you work in an industry with a lot of foot traffic, ensure frequent hand washing and disinfecting practices daily.
  • Consider allowing employees to work from home more than usual.
  • If you have a big staff, think about adjusting shift start times for employees.
  • Think about your sick leave policy. You may have to readjust said policy to allow employees to stay home sick without a doctor’s note.

Changing with the times protects not only your company and your staff, but ensures the well-being of customers that may encounter you or your company.

Companies that can demonstrate how they meet the social distancing guidelines set forth by their state, local or federal government may be reopening quicker.

It’s important to show the public how serious a business is taking this situation, as that will determine how they interact with them in the future.

Those in retail will find this especially helpful, as their business relies solely on customer-facing interactions. If the public sees an organization is taking measures to ensure their safety, they’re more likely to feel comfortable enough to return.

Hiring Office Movers for Rapid Redesign

Mountain Moving & Storage can accomplish a rapid redesign for your office, shop or commercial setting.

That results in no downtime for employees or your company as you look to return to work.

We can space desks six feet apart, the recommended measurement for safe social distancing, install partitions and help reconfigure your office to allow for more personal space.

We provide moving equipment, packing materials and great peace of mind. We also offer complete packing and unpacking services.

As moving and storage companies are considered essential, we can work hard for you no matter where we’re working from.

Office Real Estate and Reconfiguration

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed the business world. What will the future office look like?

Here are how many companies are responding to office design following COVID-19:

  • Less meetings and more video conferences mean that your company may be using less chairs, desks and other equipment. Mountain Moving & Storage has storage solutions for short term and long-term needs.
  • If less staff are working in the office, you may be thinking about cutting costs even more by relocating to a smaller space. We’ve helped all types of businesses throughout Tacoma relocate small and large offices while maintaining minimal downtime and decreased disruptions.
  • If your staff needs computers, monitors, towers or other type of office equipment and materials, don’t do it yourself. Keep you and your staff focused on more productive work while the professional office movers safely handle your electronics equipment.
  • If you’re looking to lease multiple locations to spread your business out, we are also experienced at coordinating large-scale, multi-location moves. As with any office or commercial move, our professionally trained moving crew will work efficiently, yet carefully, to ensure your office furniture, supplies, and equipment are being handled correctly.

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As your company navigates the future, contact the professional office movers at Mountain Moving & Storage for expert moves and friendly customer service.

We can help you create a custom plan complete with cost and timeline for any type reorganizing or restructuring project.

For more information about our office moving services in the Tacoma, WA area, call Mountain Moving & Storage today at (253) 581-2414, or fill out our free estimate form for a free estimate.

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