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Office Movers Seattle

If you’re looking for office relocation specialists within Seattle, WA, look no further than Mountain Moving & Storage.

Changing offices doesn’t have be a big ordeal. Whether you’re moving down hall or moving across town to a more comfortable spot, our courteous and professional office moving crew can handled it all while minimizing disruption and reducing downtime.

Since 1996, Mountain Moving & Storage has managed thousands of commercial moves and corporate relocations whether the company is large or small. If you need reliable local or long-distance office relocation services, we have the expertise, equipment and resources to ensure your next office move is as stress-free as possible.

Choose Office Movers at Mountain Moving & Storage

One of the biggest concerns a company can have while managing an office relocation is keep downtime and disruption to a minimum. With Mountain Moving & Storage you can expect the following value-added benefits:

  • We relocate around your schedule.
  • Choose between weekends and evenings.
  • Assigned office moving consultant during initial estimate consultation.

Our trained office moving crew will transport your office equipment and furniture quickly and safely protecting both your possessions and building from damage during the hauling and loading phase of the move.

Some of the office relocation services we offer include:

  • Project management
  • Asset management/storage
  • Records management
  • Office furniture moving
  • Office equipment (including electronics) moving
  • Hospital and healthcare facility moving\
  • Library moving
  • File and server relocations
  • Laboratory moving

As a full-service office relocation company in the Seattle community, it is our top priority to help with your relocation in any way possible, just ask your move consultant!

Office Moving FAQs

If you’re moving your office for the first time, chances are you have some questions about how we can help make your office relocation quick and easy. We’ve highlighted some common questions our clients have had in the past to help you determine if office moving services are right for you:

  • How do you minimize downtime for my company?
    • Before and during the move, our crew will maintain constant communication between each other and with you and your employees to ensure a smooth office moving process occurs. We will guarantee that you and your employees have made specific preparations for moving day including items that do/do not need to be packed so that our moving crew can work rapidly.
  • Can you provide move help for IT systems?
    • Our IT experts can help handle and haul all your electronics, flat screen monitors, computer towers, cables and cords safely, so we can get your system up and running at your new office in no time at all.
  • Can you help dispose of or store extra equipment/furniture?
    • If you need help storing extra equipment or furniture, Mountain Moving & Storage can help you hold on to your old office furniture or outdated equipment. If you want to dispose of these items, speak with our moving consultant for more information.
  • Can you assemble and disassemble our office furniture and/or equipment?
    • We can absolutely disassemble your furniture or equipment upon arrival at your old office and your new office.
  • Can you help us pack our office?
    • Who likes to pack? We do! We can help you pack your whole office, or we can help pack just a few boxes, whatever you need. In either case, our crew ensures your belongings are safely wrapped and that they are securely packed within a durable box or container to avoid shifting of items.

Office Moving Tips

Before our movers show up make sure to follow these simple office moving tips that will help prepare you for moving day:

  • Plan Months in Advance: It is best to get started on the planning phase as soon as possible. Once you’ve chosen a move date, start working on organizing your office and prioritizing tasks that need to be done before moving day.
  • Take Care of IT: Ensure your office electronics and other sensitive equipment are disconnected and set aside for the movers to quickly begin wrapping, packing, hauling and loading your electronics onto our trucks.
  • Set Meetings Up Accordingly: Schedule all your internal and external meetings around the big day so you’re not juggling too many things at once. Remember, our goal is to minimize downtime and disruption so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Office Moving Estimate

Since 1996, Mountain Moving & Storage has completed office relocations of all shapes and sizes for businesses all over Seattle, Washington. Our dedicated crew ensures that you and your employees rarely need lift a finger to help.

From large industrial moves to office and corporate moves, Mountain Moving & Storage can do it all. For more information regarding our office moving services, fill out our free estimate form or give us a call at (800) 249-2414.

Did you know...?

Where do I Get Packing Supplies?

From belts to bubble wrap to dollies, moving blankets, moving boxes, and totes, there’s a lot of packing supplies needed for a safe move. Be sure to start getting these items together early on if you are packing yourself.

First, check to see if your friends and family have any supplies left over from a recent move. After this, check in with your movers. They typically will sell all of the packing supplies you could need at a great price or will include them with your move.

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