Sell Household Items Quickly

If you want to make some quick cash before moving day, sell some of your used household items. Getting rid of old stuff can be cleansing. When you move into your new place, you’ll have a fresh start with plenty of space to decorate your home. There are easy ways to sell your old belongings, whether you want to upgrade to new electronics or get rid of it all to start completely fresh! How to sell your items depends on what you want to sell and how many items you will be selling.

What to Sell When Moving

Before you decide what method(s) you want to use to sell your used items, you’ll need to decide which of your stuff can be sold. If you have a blanket that’s been ripped in odd places because of a pet, for example, this item can either be tossed or donated, depending on the extent of the damage. Some damaged items can still be sold for a lower price—like an iPod with a scratch on the screen—as long as you’re upfront about it with the person you’re selling the item to.

Secondhand Items That Sell Well

cute vintage stuff for sale

It can be tough figuring out how to decide what to get rid of when moving. You might not want to part with your very first laptop, your vintage video tapes, or your furniture that’s been in the family for years. Certain vintage items like antiques can go for a lot of money, so if you’re feeling apprehensive about getting rid of some old stuff that’s been in your home forever, at least you can assure yourself that you’re getting some money for it. Some people revel in the search for used hidden treasures, so you can feel at ease knowing your old junk is being appreciated elsewhere.

Selling Used Items on eBay

If you only plan to sell a few items, sell them online as opposed to having a moving sale. Some websites to sell stuff locally or that you can ship your items through include:

Host an Outdoor Moving Sale

Here’s an idea. Why not have a good old-fashioned garage sale? Garage sales can be a treat for thrift store junkies or random passersbys, especially during the spring or summer. A moving sale will work to your benefit if you have a lot of stuff to sell. If you’re only selling a few items, sell them online, instead.

Garage Sale Tips

garage sale signs

Before you start advertising for your moving sale, be sure to get a garage sale permit if the city you live in requires it. Label your items with price stickers. Different colors can be used for different price ranges. Garage sale pricing can be tricky, but a rule of thumb is to not sell your stuff at high prices.

Advertising for your garage sale can be fun and easy. Try these simple methods out and see how much traffic you get at your sale:

  • Make a Facebook event.
  • Place colorful garage sale signs with large text on nearby streets and main roads.
  • Post details about your sale to
  • It may seem outdated, but some people still read the newspaper! Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper for your moving sale.